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Google, the company you either love or hate, but cannot seem to live without! Google Reader, my podcast and general RSS feed reader of choice, appears to be closing down for business. This is a real shame as the system has always struck me as being a well put together web application that filled a lot of consumer use cases. Unfortunately Google is a money making business and this means that if a product they allow us common folk to use an application, they best make some cash from it!

With this is mind I intend to go forth and create a Google reader like application to help fill the gap in my life that this loss will bring.

The application will be written either in Ruby (using RoR) or PHP (using Symfony2) but I am still in the throws of that difficult decision. Currently I am edging toward Ruby on Rails due to its ease of writing and database management, but who knows which way I will go.

you might also notice I have put this under the name ReadLemon, this is just a placeholder until I come up with something a little more catchy. Suggestions on a postcard (in the comments box below).

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