Writing an Editor for SlickGrid

SlickGrid Screenshot

SlickGrid is a data grid used to display tabular information is a user and programmer friendly way. In recent months I have become possibly too familiar with SlickGrid and although it can be annoying on occasion, I have to admit it is a well written and executed Javascript library. This post has been viewed 8887 […]

RESTful Applications

Most people are familiar with how to create a RESTful application, or at least a RESTlike application using their preferred language. In most languages there are even frameworks that allow for easily creating a RESTful application [1]. You can see this post as the personal ramblings of an interested person or just as some personal […]

Initial VPS Setup

Recently as more people learn Node.js and various other software services I have come across more queries revolving around running them publicly on the internet. This ends up being a problem as a lot of people getting into Node.js are front end or beginner developers, not that there is anything wrong with this. Correctly setting up […]